The Importance of Proofing for Print

As printing experts, we simply cannot stress the importance of the proofing process enough. Overlooking this key process when it comes to printing can be disastrous.

Failing to proof can result in a very costly error, not to mention cause some severe branding damage to your company.

Take for instance in 2013, retail giant Macy’s sent out a mailer in Texas with a major typo, offering a regularly priced $1500 diamond-accent necklace at the incredible deal of $47! This seems way to good to be true right? ……… well in fact the correct price should have read $479, the last digit (9) was missing. Lucky customers picked up this necklace for just $47 in store and online, they flew off the shelves in record time! Macy’s did not disclose the number of necklaces actually sold but it’s believed many customers purchased in bulk. What a great gift right? For only $47 who can go wrong? ……… unfortunately Macy’s came out as the losers in this story, with a huge amount of lost revenue and as one of the world’s largest brands, demonstrating complete incompetency.

What’s the morale of this story?

Proof everything with a fine tooth comb.

- Print out a hard copy and cross reference with your screen, viewing the proof at 100%. The actual size can help you better visualize the final product

- Check all spelling

- Check all phone numbers, email & web addresses, and ensure they are up to date

- Ensure all images/photos are included and resolution is sharp

- Ensure readability of the text, (size, font style, colour & formatting etc).

- Check for missing characters

- Check margins & alignment

- Confirm the finished size of the document is correct

- Check pages are numbered in the correct order

- Confirm stock, weight and finishing, whether it be folding, binding, foiling, diecutting or embossing etc. with your print provider.

- Get a 2nd pair of eyes to review your proof.

If in doubt always ask your printer, we are here to help!

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