Avoid These Mistakes When BRANDING Your Business.

Today, you cannot afford to look like a small company when it comes to getting your brand across. Most companies are no longer just competing locally. Customers and clients are looking to the next town, the next big city, on the web or even the company from China or India.

Here are five common mistakes made by small businesses:

Letting an amateur design their logo The first most common mistake is to let an amateur design your logo. Logo design is no place for employees, family or friends who like to try their “graphic design abilities”. They might be creative but they don't know how to create a brand that will work in all media (web, print, signs, etc.). They haven't studied what colour will work to suit your business, different colour models used in printing vs. web applications and they don't know about developing a unique positioning statement to make your company stand out.

Not having a real brand or position You would be shocked to learn that as many as 50% of all small and medium sized businesses in Canada do not have a real brand logo or position. They might have "stylized" text which only they recognize or they might have some initials arranged. But they have no brand or position and are likely to be one of the 4 out of 5 businesses that do not survive to their 10th anniversary (Stats Canada).

Being inconsistent with their brand This usually goes with having an amateur design the logo. Professionals know that you must have brand rules and total consistency, (colour & font wise) to make sure you look and sound the same every time you come in contact with your customer.

Trying to make their brand stand for too many things Spend your time focusing on one, clear message or product that you wish to promote that clients will always remember you by. One example is the auto company Volvo, they have coined the term “Safety”. Volvo is known as one of the auto industry’s safest vehicles. Becoming "famous" in your market for that position is the only clear path to success.

Printing key documents in black and white on a laser printer

This is a big No, No. Printing an important quote, invoice or proposal on blank white paper from your black and white laser or inkjet printer. Pre-printed forms that feature your logo in colour help to reinforce your branding and get across your message to customers.

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