Why Should you Market Your Business with Postcards?

Postcards are a highly effective marketing tool regardless of your business size. The ease at which they convey your message and promote your brand is simply hard to beat. Below are the top benefits to using postcards for your next campaign which are sure to help increase your marketing Return On Investment (ROI).

Make a Lasting Impression

No need to open annoying envelopes here! Postcards will be seen immediately and have a direct impact on your target audience’s buying decisions. Reduce your risk of going straight to the blue bin.

Maximum Exposure

Because your postcard is not in an envelope, it is visible for all to see. From the mailing and the processing at Canada Post, the delivery, to the recipient more people will take notice.

Keep it Clear and Concise

Your message can achieve maximum exposure when strong branding and imagery work together to get your message across. Clean and simple design & effective wording will help achieve maximum response rate.

Higher Quality than Traditional Flyers

A sturdy postcard will withstand much more wear and tear than your average flyer. Don’t risk your hard earned printing dollars on flyers that can get soaked in the rain or crumpled by the mailman enroute to their final destination. Postcards are more likely to be kept and placed on a coffee table after the recipient has received them.

Understand Customer Behaviour

Targeted postcards enable you to track customer behavior using unique elements such as coupon codes, limited time offers and on-site event and promotions. Incorporating these unique elements can help you keep track of how your campaign is performing.

Budget Friendly

Postcards are usually cheaper to print than regular addressed mail. Their smaller size, also means that distribution costs are often reduced. Extended shelf life compared to most other forms of print media also increases the impact of your media budget.

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